Saturday, June 23, 2012


I actually emailed a trader who is from here but since I didn't want to pay shipping for overseas, I didn't trade with him. So being frugal, I got this for FREE! Yes! My sister-in-law was on a business trip to India and had a layover in Amsterdam. I LOVE layovers because you can get mugs!! I love thoughtful people as well! I don't ask or want anything from anyone..just my Starbucks City Mugs!! THANK YOU ALL!!


  1. hi,
    i want buy one STARBUCKS Amsterdam City Mug - Relief series
    Do you have the good more? If yes, could I buy it?

    If it is possible, could you please give me some information, what I should do for that.

    Best regards

    Jeong-min Kim

  2. Please, you can trade mugs on line if you want to collect. It's fun and cheaper than buying it on Ebay. Please visit the FB page.

  3. I want to buy a Starbucks Amsterdam Relief Mug in great shape. Anyone got one?