Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hangzhou Tumbler


  1. I got a question, where do you buy these mugs? From local Starbucks itself?? How much are they when you buy them in store? I was asked by my cousin to buy him a local Starbucks City Mug and from just searching online it seems they don't sell them anymore?? Are the City Mug series discontinued?

  2. The latest series are the Global Icon Mugs, which is this one above. This is just a tumbler version of it. You can go to my other blog and read more about all the series. They aren't discontinued but sometimes, the stores don't have them. Not all cities will have the city mug so I have a chart that tells all the cities that have them. Yes, you have to buy them from the Starbucks stores in the city they are from. I get my mugs from friends and families and neighbors. I trade mugs as well!