UPDATED January 3 , 2017

  1. U.S.A. Mug Alabama 2014
    U.S.A. Mug Alaska 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Animal Kingdom 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Arizona 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Aspen 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Atlanta 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Austin 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Boston 2013
    U.S.A. Mug California 2012
    U.S.A. Mug California Adventure 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Cambridge 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Charlotte 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Chicago 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Colorado 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Dallas 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Denver 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Detroit 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Disneyland 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Epcot 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Epcot v.2 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Florida 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Hamptons 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Hawaii 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Hawaii 2014
    U.S.A. Mug Hollywood Studios 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Houston 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Illinois 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Indianapolis 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Kansas City 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Kentucky 2014
    U.S.A. Mug Lake Tahoe 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Las Vegas 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Los Angeles 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Magic Kingdom 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Maryland 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Memphis 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Miami 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Michigan 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Nashville 2012
    U.S.A. Mug New Jersey 2015
    U.S.A. Mug New Mexico 2012
    U.S.A. Mug New Orleans 2012
    U.S.A. Mug New York 2013
    U.S.A. Mug North Carolina 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Ohio 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Oklahoma 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Orange County 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Oregon 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Orlando 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Philadelphia 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Phoenix 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Pike Place Market 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Pike Place Market 2014
    U.S.A. Mug Pittsburgh 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Portland 2012
    U.S.A. Mug San Antonio 2012
    U.S.A. Mug San Diego 2012
    U.S.A. Mug San Francisco 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Seattle 2012
    U.S.A. Mug St. Louis 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Tennessee 2014
    U.S.A. Mug Texas 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Twin Cities 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Universal Hollywood 2016
    U.S.A. Mug Universal Orlando 2016
    U.S.A. Mug Utah 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Vail 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Virginia 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Waikiki 2012
    U.S.A. Mug Washington 2015
    U.S.A. Mug Washington D.C. 2013
    U.S.A. Mug Wisconsin  2013
    U.S.A. Mug Wisconsin v.2 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Alaska 2016
    U.S.A. Ornament Animal Kingdom 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Arizona 2016
    U.S.A. Ornament Atlanta 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Boston 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament California 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament California 2014
    U.S.A. Ornament California Adventure 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Chicago 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Chicago 2014
    U.S.A. Ornament Colorado 2016
    U.S.A. Ornament Dallas 2016
    U.S.A. Ornament Disneyland 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Epcot 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Florida 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Florida 2014
    U.S.A. Ornament Hawaii 2013
    U.S.A. Ornament Hawaii 2014
    U.S.A. Ornament Hollywood Studios 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Hollywood Studios v.2 2016
    U.S.A. Ornament Houston 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Illinois 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Los Angeles 2013
    U.S.A. Ornament Los Angeles 2014
    U.S.A. Ornament Magic Kingdom 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Miami 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Michigan 2016
    U.S.A. Ornament Nashville 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament New Jersey 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament New York 2013
    U.S.A. Ornament New York 2014
    U.S.A. Ornament North Carolina 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Ohio 2016
    U.S.A. Ornament Orlando 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Philadelphia 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Pike Place Market 2014
    U.S.A. Ornament San Francisco 2013
    U.S.A. Ornament San Francisco 2014
    U.S.A. Ornament Seattle 2013
    U.S.A. Ornament Seattle 2014
    U.S.A. Ornament Texas 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Virginia 2015
    U.S.A. Ornament Washington D.C. 2015
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Alaska 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Arizona 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Atlanta 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Boston 2015
    U.S.A. Waterbottle California 2015
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Chicago 2015
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Colorado 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Dallas 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Florida 2015
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Hawaii 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Houston 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Illinois 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Kentucky 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Las Vegas 2015
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Nashville 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle New Jersey 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle New Orleans 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle New York 2015
    U.S.A. Waterbottle North Carolina 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Ohio 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Orlando 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Philadelphia 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Portland 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle San Diego 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle San Francisco 2015
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Seattle 2015
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Texas 2015
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Twin Cities 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Virginia 2016
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Washington D.C. 2015
    U.S.A. Waterbottle Wisconsin 2016
  2. Canada Mug Banff 2012
    Canada Mug Calgary 2012
    Canada Mug Canada 2013
    Canada Mug Canada v.2 2013
    Canada Mug Edmonton 2013
    Canada Mug Montreal 2012
    Canada Mug Montréal 2015
    Canada Mug Niagara Falls 2013
    Canada Mug Quebec 2013
    Canada Mug Québec 2015
    Canada Mug Toronto 2013
    Canada Mug Vancouver 2013
    Canada Mug Vancouver Island 2012
    Canada Mug Whistler 2012
  3. Australia Mug Gold Coast 2016
    Australia Mug Melbourne 2016
    Australia Mug Queenstown 2016
    Australia Mug Sydney 2016
    Australia Waterbottle Gold Coast 2016
    Australia Waterbottle Melbourne 2016
    Australia Waterbottle Sydney 2016
    Austria Mug Vienna 2016
    Cambodia Mug Phnom Penh 2016
    China Mug Hong Kong 2016
    China Mug Macau 2016
    China Ornament Hong Kong 2016
    China Ornament Macau 2016
    China Waterbottle Hong Kong 2016
    China Waterbottle Macau 2016
    Czech Republic Mug Prague 2016
    Czech Republic Mug Prague 2016
    Czech Republic Ornament Prague 2016
    Denmark Mug Copenhagen 2016
    France Mug Bordeaux 2016
    France Mug Cannes 2016
    France Mug Lyon 2016
    France Mug Marseilles 2016
    France Mug Nantes 2016
    France Mug Nice 2016
    France Mug Paris 2016
    France Mug Paris 2016
    France Mug Strasbourg 2016
    France Mug Toulouse 2016
    France Ornament Paris 2016
    Germany Mug Berlin 2016
    Germany Mug Berlin 2016
    Germany Mug Frankfurt 2016
    Germany Mug Hamburg 2016
    Germany Mug Munich 2016
    Germany Mug Ramstein 2016
    Germany Ornament Berlin 2016
    Greece Mug Athens 2016
    Hungary Mug Budapest 2016
    Kuwait Mug Kuwait 2016
    Netherlands Mug Amsterdam 2013
    Netherlands Mug Amsterdam 2016
    Norway Mug Oslo 2016
    Russia Mug Moscow 2016
    Russia Mug Moscow 2016
    Scotland Mug Edinbugh 2016
    Singapore Mug Singapore 1 2016
    Singapore Mug Singapore 2 2016
    Singapore Ornament Singapore 1 2016
    Singapore Ornament Singapore 2 2016
    Singapore Waterbottle Singapore 1 2016
    Singapore Waterbottle Singapore 2 2016
    South Africa Mug Johannesburg 2016
    South Africa Mug Pretoria 2016
    Spain Mug Barcelona 2016
    Spain Mug Madrid 2016
    Sweden Mug Stockholm 2016
    Taiwan Mug Kaohsiung 2016
    Taiwan Mug Taichung 2016
    Taiwan Mug Tainan 2016
    Taiwan Mug Taipei 2016
    Taiwan Mug Taiwan 2016
    Taiwan Ornament Kaohsiung 2016
    Taiwan Ornament Taichung 2016
    Taiwan Ornament Tainan 2016
    Taiwan Ornament Taipei 2016
    Taiwan Ornament Taiwan 2016
    Taiwan Waterbottle Kaohsiung 2016
    Taiwan Waterbottle Taichung 2016
    Taiwan Waterbottle Tainan 2016
    Taiwan Waterbottle Taipei 2016
    Taiwan Waterbottle Taiwan 2016
    Turkey Mug Bodrum 2016
    Turkey Mug Istanbul 2016
    Turkey Mug Izmir 2016
    U.K. Mug Birmingham 2016
    U.K. Mug London 2016
    U.K. Mug London 2016
    U.K. Ornament London 2016
    UAE Mug Dubai 2016
    Vietnam Mug Hanoi 2016
    Vietnam Mug Ho Chi Minh City 2016
    Vietnam Mug Vietnam 2016
    Vietnam Ornament Hanoi 2016
    Vietnam Ornament Ho Chi Minh City 2016
    Vietnam Ornament Vietnam 2016
    Vietnam Ornament Vietnam 3-Pack 2016
    Vietnam Waterbottle Hanoi 2016
    Vietnam Waterbottle Ho Chi Minh City 2016
    Vietnam Waterbottle Vietnam 2016


  1. Where can I get the Cambridge one? Is it in the states or in canada? Thanks so much!

    1. Check my page

    2. Check my Page.

    3. In Boston, USA

    4. I got my in boston

  2. Replies
    1. Check my page.

  3. Cambridge is NEXT to Boston. It's a pity that there is no Massachusetts mug for all of the years I drank Starbucks outside of Boston!

    1. Go to Dunkin. They have a MA mug.

  4. Surprising that Massachusetts only has ONE mug..Boston! Finally, there are two mugs! It's not as bad as Washington metropolitan area where there is only ONE DC mug for MD, VA and DC. Now there is finally a VA mug!

  5. Our NewYork and Washington DC mugs had a terminal accident. Is it possible to obtain replacements in the uk?

    1. Unfortunately, the mugs can only be bought in the city they are from. People sell them on Ebay but they are very expensive. You can try trading mugs on the FB page but the shipping costs is also very expensive.

    2. Pete, did you ever get a replacement for Washington DC? I will be traveling there in the next week and can help you out.

  6. I also got Kansas City which is not in your list

  7. Thank you! It's been updated!

  8. According to Fred Orange, there is now a Kentucky one as well.

  9. Tennessee ist not in your list

  10. I don't know if the Information interesting or not.
    But from the Mug "Canada" gives a Second Edition.
    Here is a picture:
    Greetings from Germany

    1. I am! Thank you for taking the time to give me the picture!

  11. Wisconsin2 is also now available.

    1. Thank you Jose for the information! I will update the list.

  12. I haven't been able to find the Wisconsin 2 mug. Just wondering where you found it and what it featured?

      You can see the difference between version 1 and 2

  13. There is a Georgia Mug now

  14. Niagra Falls mug is available now. We picked one up this weekend. We hunted for the Global series mug with no luck.

    1. The Global Icon series have been discontinued for over a year now.

  15. hi there! i would like to ask how much is the Amsterdam YAH Mug? thanks!

    1. Hi, please post this on the Facebook page, someone from there may know and reply. Happy New Yrs!

  16. Hi there! i would like to ask how much is the price of Amsterdam YAH mug? thanks

  17. I am going to Seattle and Portland next month that I can collect three more.

  18. How long do you think starbucks will keep this collection? I am thinking of trying to collect them all but don't want to if they will discontinue them soon.

  19. I think it will be around for at least another year. It just started last year.

    1. Please tell me longer than that! I have 23 of them and trying to get more but it takes time.

  20. Does anyone know if I can still get the New Mexico mug and if I can find it in Las Cruces, NM or only larger cities like Albuquerque or Santa Fe?

    1. We got our NM mug in Las Cruces, when we were back in April 2015...

  21. Does anyone know if I can still get the New Mexico mug and if I can find it in Las Cruces, NM or only larger cities like Albuquerque or Santa Fe?

  22. Hi everyone,

    I've started selling my Starbucks city icon mugs collection and these are the ones I still have left. Please email me for prices and shipping at

    Hong Kong
    Kuala Lumpur
    Orange County
    San Diego
    Singapore Orange
    Singapore Brown
    Washington DC

  23. Annapolis? Baltimore? Bethesda? MARYLAND, TATE OF and/or CITIES ARE MISSING.
    Susan in Bethesda MD

    1. Baltimore may be worthy of one, or a MD state but Bethesda? Srsly. That's hardly a major city.

  24. Please Add New Jersey to d YAH list

  25. The Disney mugs are missing from the list. I think there are three, "Disneyland" "Magic Kingdom" and "Animal Kingdom"

  26. Niagara Falls also out.

  27. Do they still sell the 08 global collection in the U.S. ?

    1. Icons have been discontinued and replaced by YOU ARE HERE in Canada and USA

  28. Looking to trade a Canada 2, anyone looking for one?

  29. Would be amazing if there were a mug for Wyoming!

    1. I travel to Wyoming a few times a year so if they get one I'll grab it for you. :) I'm on Facebook from Bowmanville Ontario.

    2. Is there one for Wyoming? If so can somebody please send me a link to the picture.

  30. Are the 2014 mugs still in stores or have they stopped selling)

  31. Can i purchase an Alaska you are here mug??

    1. Nothing is for sale on here but you can try Ebay or Amazon. Thanks.

  32. What is the picture if Wisconsin 2? I only got Wisconsin with the capital hill of Madison with cheese & cow.

  33. How does it looks Wisconsin 2 mug? I only got Wisconsin with capital hill of Madison with cheese & cow.

  34. I love your informative post. I read and enjoy with your blog post. Thanks for creative writing.. Keep up sharing....

    Cheap Coffee Mugs in Florida

  35. This list is always helpful when I need to find mugs on my travels - Thank you so much for keeping it up! :)

  36. Is there a mug for Connecticut

  37. Is this the most up to date list? It's June 2016 and the list says September 2015. Has anything been added?

    1. No, it's not updated. I haven't had time...the most updated is FB. They have YAHs internationally now.

  38. I have to update EU YAHs but the USA ones are updated.

  39. Replies
    1. It's on now..I just have to update the International list..but new ones keeps coming out for YAH and Icons. Can be very confusing.

  40. I broke my wife's Canada mug. Does anyone have one for sale? Ron Clark

  41. I just got a Niagara Falls mug!!

  42. They have them at Disneyland as well. Got one last night. They also have a Hot Disneyland 60th Starbucks Ornament, a Cold Disneyland 60th Starbucks Ornament and a Disneyland 60th Starbucks Mug. It looks like there is a less rounded version of the mug, but I did not see it in stores.

  43. I have a few mugs that I'm looking to trade...

    Lake Tahoe

    I'm also a Disney Annual Pass holder and am willing to purchase and trade those.


    1. Hey.

      I would like to trade with you. Do you need any eastern Canada mugs? I have a Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Canada that I am willing to trade. Let me know through my email....


    2. Hey,

      I have eastern canada mugs for trade. Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Canada. Do you need them? Email me at

      I am interested in all Disney mugs and the 3 you mentioned.


    3. Please visit the Facebook page for trading with other traders. Thanks!

  44. Hi I am looking for Montreal yah - I have Belfast and Northern Ireland for trade if anyone interested ?

  45. Please go to the Facebook page for trading. Thanks.

  46. Beautiful in design, rich in culture and the perfect cup for your coffee, tea or a beverage of your choice. Intricately made by hand, it's an eco-friendly products that's free from the touch of any machine.

  47. Road tripping and just picked up Oklahoma (not on your list yet). :-)

  48. I hope there will be an Oakland mug soon.

  49. Hi,
    I've bought the Toulouse (Europe, France) Mug today. You can find some pics here: feel free to use them.

  50. Does anyone know if the chicago mug is still available?or anybody thats selling it? Have been trying to get it for like a month now

    1. There still are chicago mugs and Illinois mugs! It is sometimes easier at target or macys

  51. Anyone have queenstown, new Zealand? Will purchase or trade for anything I can get in Hawaii.

  52. Anyone have queenstown, new Zealand? Will purchase or trade for anything I can get in Hawaii.

  53. Hi
    I am going to start selling my Global Icon Series Mugs...please email me if you would be

  54. There is a Universal Studios Hollywood mug as of December 1, 2016

  55. Still amazes me they don't have Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. I live in Idaho and I get asked all the time from visitors where the mug is. Wyoming with Yellowstone? Montana with Glacier Park. Really is a shame.

  56. Time for Starbucks to come out with Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. I live in Idaho and I am asked all the time if there is an Idaho mug. Montana with Glacier Park, and Wyoming with yellowstone and Jackson hole. Long over due

  57. Please include SB YAHs MARRAKECH and CASABLANCA in your listing. Saw it in one website a few days ago this July. Thanks.

  58. My daughter went to college in Idaho and I was going to send her the California mug and her send me the Idaho but it doesn't exist... Any chance Idaho or Boise will get one??

    1. I hope so! But I haven't found either yet

  59. Went to Disney World July 29- August 5, 2017 with the intention of picking up all four park mugs. I got three. The Animal Kingdom didn't have any! When I asked about them, I was told they were redesigning them. Has anyone heard anything about this? So disappointed I didn't get the fourth mug.

  60. Why is there not a mug for South Carolina?

  61. I have noticed that you have listed Scotland (Edinburgh) between Russia and Singapore. Scotland is part of the UK.

    Also there are more for the UK :-

    Caerdydd (Cardiff)
    Newcastle upon Tyne


  62. For those of us interested in these mugs, traveling and collecting someone should create a Facebook page to connect all of us. If there already is one, please send the link. Thanks.

    1. The link to the FB page is on this blog or you can go here.